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Memo Email

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For those of you that did not submit the memo on time:

You have until Friday, March 30 at 11:30 PM to submit the memo for up to 70% credit. This does not mean you will automatically receive a particular score on this assignment, rather that the most credit you can receive is 70%. If you do not submit your memo by this deadline, you will receive zero points for this assignment, and may be dropped from this course.




For this assignment, you will compose an essay explaining your Discourse Community Map and reporting on a problem within your discourse community, which you will format as a business memo and submit to your instructor via email (rmonty@epcc.edu). We will go over the format for a business memo in class, including:




  • Clear and concise
  • States the purpose of the email
  • Possibly identifies yourself 


  • Formal with colon
  • "Dear," "Hello,"... 


  • Briefly introduce yourself (if necessary)
  • State the purpose and objective of the email 
  • Indicate any attachments 


  • Explain the topic of your email


  • Briefly state what you plan to do next and what you need the recipient to do next
  • Include deadlines, if necessary 


  • "Thank you," "Sincerely,"...



  • Maintain a formal or, at the very least, professional tone
  • Check for spelling, grammar, puncutation
  • Double-check recipient's address, attachments, and subject 


Here's the assignment:


Your memo assignment will have three objectives/points of assessment:

  1. Format (see above)
  2. Explanation of Discourse Community & Problem Report 
  3. Use of disciplinary terms 


Problem Report: What is a major issue, problem, or concern facing your discourse community? How does your community address this issue? Can you propose another possible solution?


Disciplinarity: Be sure to use the concepts and vocabulary of "discourse," "intertextuality," "discourse community" in your memo.


We'll work on this in class on Wednesday and Friday. Your memo must be sent to me by Sunday by 11:30 PM, with your Discourse Community Map as an attachment (03.25).


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